October 3, 2019

Endorsements for Oct. 12th Election

Voters Organized to Educate began the Know Your Vote campaign as a response to people wondering: “You live and work in this field, year after year, what’s y’all’s take on these candidates? I can’t figure out who is going to be good on criminal justice reform.” So with that said, let’s just dive into it. Download or share your complete ballot here.

Statewide Offices:

  • Governor John Bel Edwards has been a big part of Louisiana’s historic turn away from our legacy of slavery, away from the global epicenter on mass incarceration, towards building a state that can begin addressing public safety with stable communities as the end goal. Although there is a long way to go, and the recent rise in massive detention of immigrants (on behalf of ICE), Gov. Edwards is the clear choice among a field that would unravel progress, if given a chance.
  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry: Who knew that a huge barrier in getting medical marijuana in Louisiana was the Secretary of Agriculture’s resistance to introducing production of cannabis? The world has recognized this plant as a critical anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatment (among many other well known uses), and Big Pharma has done their best to keep it out of American’s medicine cabinets. For this reason, we believe Marguerite “Margie” Green is the obvious choice, as a farmer who has a full grasp of the broader conservation issues in Louisiana.

Sheriff’s Race:

Caddo Parish Sheriff: Longtime Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator is running for re-election this fall, hoping to continue his 19-year tenure. During Prator’s time as Sheriff, the jail population in Caddo Parish has seen a steady increase, and inhumane conditions inside the Caddo Correctional Center have gained widespread media attention. Sheriff Prator even made national news, complaining that criminal justice reform will deprive him of forced laborers, drawing slavery comparisons. 

Prator’s three opponents agree that his tough-on-crime tactics do not work. Of his three opponents, Voters Organized to Educate believes that Eric Hatfield is the most promising candidate, and we are giving him the “Know Your Vote” endorsement. Hatfield agrees with us on all public safety, restorative justice, and equality issues, which you can see from his survey responses. He plans to “place a greater emphasis on corrections and rehabilitation and less emphasis on punishment.” We need a Sheriff like Hatfield, who will invest our state’s funds into rehabilitative programs that work.

Prator and Hatfield are joined by Democratic candidate Hersey Jones Jr., a Harvard Law School graduate who works as an attorney in Shreveport, and no-party candidate Glenn Cornell, who’s worked for the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s office since 1990.



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