What's your scenario?

I have conviction(s) for misdemeanors only


I have a felony conviction, and have completed my probation or parole


Has it been over a month since discharge? Click Here to Register!

Did you get off supervision within the past few weeks? Either go to the Registrars Office with your discharge paper, OR call VOTE and they will help you! 504-571-9599.

I have a felony conviction, and am still on probation or parole

 YOU CAN’T VOTE until you get off supervision.

Your probation/parole officer should give you discharge papers, and instructions on how you can register to vote.

Each month they will send the list of people discharged to the Secretary of State. After that happens, you will be able to register like anybody else (with either a state ID or a signed affidavit). If you will be discharged from probation close to an election deadline, be sure to contact VOTE to deal with any problems: 504-571-9599.

I voted before my conviction, can I just go vote again?

The state marks people as “inactive voters” if they do not respond to their surveys, and removes people from the voting rolls if they haven’t voted in the past two years. This is how they remove people who die, move away, or go to prison. If you have been in prison for over two years, you have most likely been removed from the list of registered voters, and need to register again.

Search the inactive voter list. If your name appears on the list, your voter registration status is inactive because your registration address was not able to be verified by your parish registrar of voters during the annual canvass or correspondence sent to the address on file has been returned undeliverable. If your residential address or the address where you receive mail has changed from the address used when you registered to vote or last changed your voter registration record, please update your residential address on your voter registration record online. You may also change it by mail or in person at your parish registrar of voters.

If you have not changed your address, you are currently eligible to vote but will be required to confirm your address when voting. If you do not confirm your address and you do not vote in any election between the time your name was added to the list and the day after the second regularly scheduled general election for federal office held after such date, your name may be removed from the voter registration list.

I want to challenge Louisiana’s suspension of my voting rights

Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) has filed a lawsuit, along with eight people on probation or parole, VOTE v. Louisiana. The case is making its way through the courts, and has the support of various civil rights groups. Learn more about the lawsuit HERE: http://www.vote-nola.org/vote-v-louisiana.html

To get involved, contact VOTE’s staff attorney, Ilona Prieto, today! 504-571-9599 or Ilona@vote-nola.org


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