Voters Organized to Educate is focused on the importance of people’s collective power to create change. Working with organizations and individuals that believe in the principles of social justice and equality, Voters Organized impacts elections and legislation in Louisiana.

Voters Organized incorporates the wisdom of our allies fighting for sustainable housing, education, employment, and the environment. We draw significantly on the policy expertise of our sister organization, Voice of the Experienced (VOTE), the leading grassroots force for changing Louisiana’s 50th-ranked criminal justice system.

A functioning democracy requires maximum participation by all people, and collective actions of educated voters has historically served as the greatest threat to tyranny. Louisiana has a long and torrid history of voting rights deprivations. The latest of these unjust barriers is the suspension of voting rights to 72,000 people under community supervision. Our neighbors who are paying taxes and raising families beside us are treated as second-class citizens, and watering down our democracy. We support both legislation and litigation that creates universal voting rights.

Executive Director

Norris Henderson




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