April 4, 2019

March 30 Election Results

This past Saturday, March 30, three Legislative seats were up for election.

  • 17th District-Ouachita: Pat Moore (Dem) defeated Rodney McFarland, Sr. (Dem) for State Representative, 17th District. Moore won with 63% of the vote, however with only 14% turnout, 1008 voters was the margin of victory.
  • 18th District-Point Coupee: Jeremy LaCombe (Dem) defeated Tammi G. Fabre (Rep) for State Representative, winning with 69% of the vote, thanks to relatively strong turnout in Point Coupee (31%). There was 25% turnout for this race, overall. This is a historically Republican district
  • 62nd District: Independent Roy Daryl Adams defeated Republican Dennis Aucoin. The final victory came down to 396 votes out of the 5454 people in East Feliciana, West Feliciana, and East Baton Rouge (EBR). In EBR, Aucoin edged out Adams, but the 8% turnout wasn’t nearly enough.

Other noteworthy races voters determined on Saturday include:

  • Judge in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals (covering Louisiana’s 20 northern parishes): Jeff Thompson defeated Jason Brown with 76% of the vote. Although the two vied to replace Brown’s father on the court, the younger Brown’s background as a Tough on Crime prosecutor in the Caddo Parish did not seem to do him any favors against Thompson, who was a district court judge.
  • Baton Rouge City Council: Denise Amoroso (Rep) defeated Brendan Csaposs (Dem) with 78% of the vote. Although this may look like a huge defeat, turnout was only 14%, so Amoroso really only beat Csaposs by roughly 1,700 votes. Small elections like these remind us of the importance of voter turnout. Voter turnout is crucial, especially in these smaller, lesser-known elections. Getting people to the polls can significantly impact election results.
  • Jefferson Parish District Judge: Frank A. Brindisi (Rep) defeated Christy Howley (Dem) This race was close, Brindisi won with 57% of the vote. Again, this race was determined by a matter of 863 votes.

Every vote counts, including the dozens of people registering to vote on March 1 (who were given the online registration deadline), and even more so when turnout is this low!


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