November 18, 2017

There’s a new Mayor in town: LaToya Cantrell! (and other Run-Off results)

9:50 pm – Updated as we learn more:

The results are in: LaToya Cantrell is the first woman to become mayor of New Orleans!  Cantrell beat Desire Charbonnet in a landslide, with 60% of the vote. 

In District B: Jay Banks by 131 votes! Impressive victory for the man who said “Lets face it- Prison is a business.” 15,801 people turned out, when the primary inspired only 14,164 people to come out and vote.

Cyndi Nguyen won District E, and heads to City Council after upsetting incumbent James Gray with 59% of the vote. She becomes the first Vietnamese-American member of the City Council. Voter turnout increased from 14,758 to 16,554 (34%).

Louisiana’s next Treasurer will be John Shroder, a former state representative with no background in finance.

Civil District Court will welcome Nicole Sheppard to the bench.

Voters Organized to Educate launched the “Know Your Vote” campaign this election to try and keep people involved, make it easier for voters to get information, and do the homework on criminal justice reform. Our main goal for the run-off was to keep voter participation up as, typically, half as many voters show up for the Run-Off. This time, voter turnout was higher.

Our endorsed candidates, Cantrell and Nguyen, were based on a commitment to

Changing our criminal justice system in a way that addresses poverty, housing, employment, trauma, and addiction. We are pleased to see the new makeup of City Council, along with our new mayor, will stand up strongly against the District Attorney and Sheriff’s attempts to expand the system of cages that has run amok for far too long. Outgoing incumbents James Gray and Nadine Ramsey failed to show such leadership, and now Cyndi Nguyen and Kristen Giselson Palmer can work with the community to invest in a new system.

The ‘Law and Order’ crowd clearly backed Charbonnet and she lost. This is a strong indicator that those days are over, and politicians have “cover” to develop a sustainable approach to holding people accountable for crimes.

The District Attorney race is in a couple years. Who will replace him? What approach will they take to our city? YOU can decide!


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