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Amendment 1: Blocking Voters Right to Elect Leaders

Vote No

This amendment would deny voters the right to elect who they want to represent them. There is no specific connection between the particular conviction and the office, such as convictions for bribery, malfeasance in office, or fraud- it is a blanket ban.

More importantly, it would restrict the opportunities for elected officials to appoint someone to a position. For example, this would bar someone on parole, who may be a national expert on reentry or other issues, from being appointed to a position that impacts reentry across Louisiana.

Read more on our Amendment One on the Know Your Vote blog.

Amendment 2: Create a Unanimous Jury System

Vote Yes

Amendment 2 will end a law created during Reconstruction, that sets Louisiana apart from every state, as the only place where someone can get a Life Sentence despite the “reasonable doubt” of two jurors.

The non-unanimous jury system has contributed to wrongful convictions, costly appeals, family devastation, and unfair leverage in pushing guilty pleas on anyone accused of a crime.

Why report for jury duty if you know your voice won’t count?

Voting Yes on 2 puts the power into a “jury of your peers,” as the constitution guarantees.

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